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    True Stock Studio Product Overview Video

    Wood Sign Product Overview

    Click here to take a virtual "Walk Around" the True Stock Studios precision carved wood signs and see what customers are raving about.

    Carved wood signs make great personalized gifts!

    Did you know that True Stock Studios carved wood signs make great painting projects?

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

    1) Each “Uncolored | Ready to Paint” sign comes in a natural wood color with a protective coating of shellac for easy painting with acrylic paint.

    2) Don’t worry about being too neat when painting as you can easily sand excess paint from the surface.

    3) Add a coating of clear shellac (optional) for a shine that really pops!

    Click this link to see a video how fun and easy it can be!

    True Stock Studios Process

    Handmade in Chicago

    Our wood signs are beautifully crafted with impeccable precision and attention to detail.

    The solid birch plywood board is prepared by hand with a skilled color saturation technique that coats the plaque in a deep, rich color preserving the surface wood grain visible on the surface.

    No two wood signs are exactly alike, and every wood wall art plaque have natural color accents & 3D depth that provide a rich color contrast that makes each design pop.

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